Foot Beauty Balm: Baume Bienfait pour les Pieds


Repairing, conditioning beauty balm for feet

Foot Beauty Balm repairs and comforts feet with a combination of natural plant oils and shea butter, helping to soften and reduce the formation of callouses, help heal cracks in the skin and protect from rubbing and discomfort.

This nourishing cream contains skin caring agents to soothe, reduce dryness, restructure and protect the hard-working skin on your feet, helping to prevent blisters, parched patches, and less than pretty corns and callouses. Feet are left feeling pampered, relaxed, and more beautiful, with softer, smoother skin that makes slipping on your shoes so much more comfortable.

The rich but non-greasy formula of this foot care essential can give your skin an instant boost, and we all know what a difference having comfortable and pretty feet can make to how we feel!

Not tested on animals

Great for all skin types, especially dry

75 mls

Benefits and Tips

  • Nourishing, restructuring, soothing and comforting
  • Moisturises* and softens callouses and corns
  • Helps to heal cracks in the skin and parched areas
  • Helps prevent rubbing. blisters and discomfort
  • Rich but non-greasy
  • Contains natural palnt oils and shea butter
  • Helps prevent callous and corm formation
  • Realxing and pampering

  • Application:

    Apply generously every day, concentrating on the areas that are most dry, callouses or blisters. Massage in throughly to leave your skin in a protective cocoon of comfort.

    *the outer layers of the skin

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