Drama Queen


Drama Queen is the newest edition to the Sculpt Mascara family. In stunning Jet Black this fantastic mascara does it all! It lengthens, volumises and curls, and has a splash-proof formula, that keeps your lashes looking fabulous when lesser mascaras might streak and smudge.

7 mls

Benefits and Tips

  • Stunning jet black shade for lash impact
  • Lengthens, volumises and curls all in one
  • Smudge-proof and splash-proof formula

  • Application:

    Apply to the whole length of lashes from root to tip stroking the brush gently through the lashes.

    For a professional look, coat both sides of upper lashes. Firstly stroke the brush over the tops of your upper lashes, then apply to the under sides of your upper lashes (where you usually concentrate your mascara), looking slightly down into your mirror (best placed at chin-level).

    For a fabulous lengthening, lifting and curling effect, gently and slowly rotate the mascara wand towards your face as you move the brush along the lengths of your lashes. Treat your lashes as if they are super-long when you apply your mascara (even if they aren’t!) to ensure you reach right to the tips of your lashes, maximising their length. Don’t forget the smaller lashes towards the inner corners of your eyes, for super-fluttery lashes.

    After you’re applied one coat to your top lashes, apply a coat to your bottom lashes (holding the wand, either vertically or horizontally, whichever suits you best). Again, treat your lashes as if they are super-long, and don’t miss the tiny ones at the inner corners.

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