Intense dark brown

Benefits and Tips

  • Richly pigmented and long-lasting
  • Smooth, soft, creamy and easy to apply
  • Firm enough to create precise lines
  • Soft enough to blend and smudge for a classic smokey eye
  • Available in four everyday fabulous shades

  • Application:

    An eye-line close to your lashes makes them look fuller and thicker, and lining in one of these four shades can male even very vibrant or pale eyeshadows wearable.

    For precise lines, start with a sharpened pencil. To create a beautiful smooth line, raise your chin slightly, tilting your head back a little as you look into the mirror. Place the pencil as close to your lash-line as possible, and work along your lash-line. Work from whichever end of your eye you find easiest. Some people find it easier to work half way from one end of the eye, then half from the other. You might also find it easier to rest one of your fingers or the base of your hand just above your wrist, on your chin, if you need to steady your hand.

    To create a flick on your outer eye, make sure your pencil is nicely sharpened, then gently draw in a line either from the desired end point of your flick or towards it. Lining your flick up on an imaginary line between the end of your eye-brow, and the corner of your eye will give you a neat look.

    If you struggle with eye-lining you can draw dots along your last line, then join them to create a line.

    To create a beautiful smudgy smokey eye, either use your finger, or a small brush to blend out the line you’ve created. Holding the pencil tip near to a light bulb for a few seconds will soften it even more.

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    • Manufactured by: FACE atelier

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