Transforming Gel


This marvellous 'mixing-medium' gel transforms any cosmetic powder into an easy to apply colour that sets and lasts! It’s smooth gel texture is so much easier to work with than a liquid transformer and applies brilliantly.

Transform your pressed or loose eyeshadows and pigments into beautiful liners, which you can precision-apply with a brush, or use this wonder gel with eyeshadow to add beautiful definition to your brows. Who needs a brow kit?

This little bottle of transforming magic can also be used with shimmers to convert them to paints, that can be used to accent any part of your face, and is great for mixing with glitter and 'reflects' powders to help them go on and stay where you want them to!

Light-weight, fragrance- and oil-free and non-comedogenic this lovely gel is also designed to be skin-kind. Containing glycerin and cucumber extract this gentle gel can also be used to sooth the skin around the eyes, reducing puffiness and brightening.

Transforming Gel is brilliant for travelling, as not only does it cut down the number of products you need to take with you (your eyeshadow can be your liner and brow-definer), it also comes in a neat plastic bottle you can pop in even your smallest make-up bag.

Benefits and Tips

  • Simple to use and incredibly versatile
  • Transforms pressed and loose eyeshadows to liners
  • Great for creating precision and clean-edged looks and for professional/artistic work
  • Also great mixed with shadows or cake liners to define brows
  • Converts any shimmer to a paint you can precision-apply
  • Mixes with glitter and reflects powders to help them go where you want them to and stay there!
  • Light-weight and long-lasting
  • Handy-sized plastic bottle
  • Brilliant for travelling as it makes your can shadows do ‘double-duty’
  • Oil- and fragrance-free and non-comedogenic
  • Contains glycerin and soothing cucumber extract
  • Great as an eye gel to sooth and brighten puffy skin around the eyes
  • A little goes a long way!

  • Application:

    Pop a tiny dot of Transforming Gel onto the back of your (clean) hand, or a palette and run your chosen brush through it. If using a pressed eyeshadow, using a corner or edge of the pan, gently flip the brush backwards and forwards, or run it over the shadow in small circles and watch your shadow become a gel-liner before your very eyes. Apply as you would a gel, cream or liquid liner.

    If you’re using a loose eyeshadow powder or pigment, tap or place a little of the powder onto a palette, or the back of your hand, and mix a tiny dot of Transforming Gel into it before applying it as above.

    Use a palette or the back of you hand to mix together a dot of the gel with shimmers, glitters or reflects powders, then apply with a brush or finger-tip, to place the product where you want it to be (not all over your cheeks!) and to help it stay there!

    Dot a small amount around the eyes with your ring finger or little finger, and use gentle, pressing massage movements to help it absorb, sooth and brighten your eye area.

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    • Manufactured by: FACE atelier

    Cami modelling Transforming Gel

    Amanda modelling Transforming Gel on lips, used to transform eyeshadow into lipstick

    Amanda modelling Transforming Gel on lips, used to transform eyeshadow into lipstick

    Amanda modelling Transforming Gel on lips, used to transform eyeshadow into lipstick

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