Mascara and Liner Brush Set


Besame’s Mascara and Liner Brushes set are the perfect tools to apply 1920 Cake Mascara, Liner and Brow Definer, but these two synthetic, cruelty-free brushes are also great with any mascara or liner in your make-up bag or kit.

The lovely long (12.5 cm) handles are easy to hold, giving great manoeuverability, to create perfect lashes, liner or brows, and are easy to clean.

Benefits and Tips

  • Create stunning lashes, eye-lines and brows
  • Gives beautifully definition to lashes, without clumping
  • Also create precise eye-lines, and fabulous brow definition
  • Light and with easy to hold, long (12.5 cm) handles, for great manoeuverability
  • Synthetic, cruelty-free bristles
  • Easy to clean

  • Application:

    When using with Besame’s 1920 Cake Mascara, Liner and Brow Definer:

    Whether using as a mascara, liner or brow-definer, dip your chosen brush into a little water, then stroke the brush gently across the cake of product until you’ve created a smooth paste, then apply. Besame’s Mascara and Liner Brush set are the perfect tools to apply Besame’s 1920 For lashes, gently run the brush along the top-side of the top lashes from root to tip. Then, wiggle the brush at the roots of the top lashes, before stroking it through lashes, towards the tips, gently rotating the brush upwards, towards your eyebrows, as you move the brush along your lashes. Treat your lashes as if they are long, even if they aren’t and you’re more likely to reach their entire length, making them look their longest.

    To use as an eye-liner, dip your brush in water, then rub the brush gently across the cake of product to create a smooth paste. Then apply as close to the upper lashes as you can, creating the thickness and style of eye-line you prefer.

    For brows, create a paste as above (you might find a slightly drier paste easier to work with), using a brush of your choice, then gently stroke the brush through your brows in short gentle strokes, shaping, and defining as you go.

    The Mascara/brow brush can also be used with other mascaras, by dipping it into the tube, and using as above, or after your mascara to separate and de-clump lashes, for lovely definition. It’s wonderful also for brushes your brows into shape, alone or after row products.

    Use the liner brush, with your choice of liner product to create defined lines, or more subtle definition with powder shadow.

    Clean your brushes, with water or your choice of gentle brush cleanser, taking care to prevent or minimise liquid entering where the bristles meet the handle.

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