The Contour Brush


Versatile, super-soft brush for applying, buffing and blending, liquid, cream and powder

Bring a little vintage Hollywood glamour and luxury to your dressing table, and your make-up routine, with these beautiful brushes from Bésame.

These divinely different boudoir brushes, may take you back to a bygone age, but their performance is everything that you would expect from a contemporary make-up brush and more. Achieve a flawless application with a few dabs and sweeps of these luscious brushes.

The design of the gold-coloured handles is based on the brushes of make-up artists of the 1930’s. In fact their sensual curves remind us of the hourglass figures of classic Hollywood starlets. They're easy to hold, sit comfortably in your hand, and feel balanced and easy to manoeuvre over your facial contours.

The Contour brush, is undoubtedly a brilliant contour brush, but it’s also so much more.

The incredibly soft (even kittens aren’t this soft!), densely packed brush head, is perfect for applying, and buffing in liquid, cream and powder foundation, incredible for applying and blending blush and contour creams, and perfect for powders.

It’s made from the softest, finest synthetic bristles, and if you can actually stop stroking the dreamily soft bristles, this brush will make light work of a multitude of make-up tasks. The bristles are dark with pale tips and are approximately 2cm long.


Benefits and Tips

  • Incredibly soft, densely packed bristles
  • Perfect for applying, and buffing in liquid, cream and powder foundation
  • Wonderful for applying and blending cream and powder blush and contour products
  • Fabulous for powder application and dusting
  • Gives a flawless finish
  • Stunning vintage-inspired design
  • Glamourous gold-coloured handle sits comfortably in your hand for super-easy manoeuvrability
  • Adorned with Bésame’s beautiful signature red logo and design
  • Cruelty-free
  • Easily washed in warm soapy water

  • Application:

    For liquid and cream foundation, either apply foundation directly to skin and buff in, or dip the bristle tips of the end of the brush head into foundation (using the back of your hand as a palette), apply to the face, then gently buff in to achieve a flawless finish.

    For powder foundation, dip the brush into powder foundation, ideally inside the lid of the product, or on a palette, swirl the brush head around to distribute the powder evenly, then gently stroke on the product, buffing in if desired.

    For cream blush and contour, either apply product, with a fingertip, then gently blend with the brush, or dip the bristles lightly into the product then lightly dab onto your skin first, then blend in for a flawless natural finish. For blush apply to the apples of your cheeks then blend in circular motions towards the hairline, letting the long side of the brush hug the cheekbones.

    For powder blush, lightly dip the bristles into the blush, (dab on the back of your hand to soften the shade if you like), then swirl or stroke onto the apples of the cheeks. If you like a little extra colour, stroke a little very lightly onto the temples, and a little just in from the hairline beside the eyes.

    For perfect contouring with cream or powder contour, sweep on product using a large figure ‘3’ (reversing this for the other side of your face), sweeping the brush along the forehead, under cheekbones and under the jaw line.

    For powder, dip your brush into powder (dusting onto the back of your hand first if you like), then stroke the brush over the face gently, before dusting off any excess.

    To wash, use a gentle soap and water, taking care to prevent water entering the base of the bristles, and to dry the brush with the bristles pointing downwards.

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