1940’s Cream Mascara


Sometimes a product emerges that makes you wonder how you did without it, and Bésame’s 1940’s Cream Mascara is most definitely one of those products! In the 1940’s cream mascaras housed in tubes were adored the world over for the control they gave, their versatility, and also for being uniquely hygienic. Over time mascara wearers have been seduced by a vast diversity of different formulas, tubes and wands, but sometimes re-invention is the most exciting form of innovation. Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present a beautiful reinvention of a truly classic product: Bésame’s 1940’s Cream Mascara. We love it and hope you do too!

What will strike you first is that 1940’s Cream Mascara looks like no other. Packaged inside the typically stylish box, you’ll find a generous tube of Mascara (yes an actual tube!), and a simply styled brush wand.

Whether you buy and use mascara for yourself or you’re a make-up professional, the tube and brush design means that as the wand never enters the mascara container, product wastage and contamination are reduced

The narrow tube aperture allows you to control exactly the amount of product you need. Just squeeze the mascara cream onto the brush, then let the soft and flexible bristles move easily and gently through your lashes, leaving them looking black and glossy.

Adapt your mascara look to suit your mood from super-natural to super-glamourous: just use more product, and more coats to take lashes from subtly defined ‘are those just naturally great?’ to breeze-creating ‘wow kapow’ lashes! This beautiful cream mascara gives you a deliberately slightly longer drying time, to enable the formula to work for you in building volume without clumping. Beautiful design, beautiful lashes!

As with all Bésame products, 1940’s Cream Mascara is created with sensitivity in mind. It’s paraben- and gluten-free, and easily removed (even with soap and water if you wish).

The wand is also easy to clean and dry between uses, but the versatile formula can be used with whatever applicator you choose. We’ve tried this lovely Cream Mascara with a range of ‘spoolies’ and also the brush from Bésame’s Cake Mascara, and the formula has loved them all equally.

Available in classic black.

Not tested on animals

10 g

Benefits and Tips

  • Versatile and uniquely controllable
  • Creates naturally glossy lash-looks from subtle to striking
  • Creates volume without clumping
  • Soft, flexibly-bristled, easy-clean brush
  • Reduces product wastage
  • Reduces contamination risk
  • Generous 10g size
  • Paraben- and gluten-free
  • Ideal for personal or professional use
  • Easily removed
  • Comes in classic black

  • Application:

    Squeeze a small amount of 1940’s Cream Mascara either directly onto the wand (any of your choosing) or onto a palette to dip your wand into. Then gently stroke the wand through your lashes from root to tip. Build length and volume with more coats for a higher impact, more dramatic finish.

    For a professional look, coat both sides of upper lashes. Firstly stroke the brush over the tops of your upper lashes, then apply to the under sides of your upper lashes (where you usually concentrate your mascara), looking slightly down into your mirror (best placed at chin-level).

    For a fabulous lengthening, lifting and curling effect, gently and slowly rotate the mascara wand towards your face as you move the brush along the lengths of your lashes. Treat your lashes as if they are super-long when you apply your mascara (even if they aren’t!) to ensure you reach right to the tips of your lashes, maximising their length. Don’t forget the smaller lashes towards the inner corners of your eyes, for super-fluttery lashes.

    Clean the applicator (with make-up remover or hand hot water and soap), after use and leave to dry.

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