1930’s Mascara


The 1930’s Mascara is a beautiful way to achieve a classic elegant eye look. You''ll notice straight away the truly unique feel of this mascara: creamy and smooth. Then you''ll notice the look: full length and clearly defined. Lashes are left soft, supple, healthy and alluring. This mascara is gorgeous for everyday elegance. One coat gives a stunning defined look, but for a more striking look or for evening glamour, this clever cream mascara builds without smears and clumps, lengthening and volumising more with each smooth coat.

The fabulous hollow brush applicator coats each lash evenly, and gives clump-free beautifully defined lashes easily and quickly. The brush design ensures that even your shortest lashes are fully and evenly coated.

Behind the high performance of this product is a gentle caring formula, with natural conditioning oils and food-grade colourants. This special formula dates back to the 1930’s and has been reintroduced by Bésame. It’s a classic for a reason! Containing only natural ingredients, and allergy-tested, this mascara is paraben-free, and safe for even the most sensitive of eyes. It’s one of the most natural mascaras available, and its simply fabulous formula contains only seven, carefully chosen ingredients.

This oxygenated hand-mixed cream mascara protects every single eyelash with a breathable coating. The softly textured formula encourages eyelash growth and gives just the right amount of glossiness. Eyelashes are gently lengthened and strengthened without the use of additional fibres or capillary substances.

As if that weren’t enough, the special fragrance gives the gentle, non-irritant formula anti-bacterial qualities.

The gentle natural daily-wear formula of 1930’s Mascara resists water, tears, and smudging, but can be removed with a gentle make-up cleanser.

Of course this mascara also looks beautiful, housed as you would expect from Bésame, in an elegant gold-plated tube, decorated with Bésame’s signature design.

Comes in classic Black.

Not tested on animals.

8 mls

Benefits and Tips

  • Original classic, naturally conditioning creamy formula
  • Lengthening and defining
  • Full brush coats every lash
  • Gives a clump-free, smudge and water-resistant finish
  • Fabulous one coat coverage but builds beautifully
  • Leaves lashes soft, supple and healthy
  • Contains conditioning oils and food-grade colourants
  • Oxygenated, hand-mixed cream
  • Allergy-tested and paraben-free
  • Non-irritant, gentle and suitable for even sensitive eyes
  • Easily removed with a gentle cleanser
  • Contained in an elegant gold-plated signature Bésame tube

  • Application:

    Apply mascara with the brush, stroking it through the lengths of your lashes from roots to tips.

    For a professional look, coat both sides of upper lashes. Firstly stroke the brush over the tops of your upper lashes, then apply to the under sides of your upper lashes (where you usually concentrate your mascara), looking slightly down into your mirror (best placed at chin-level).

    For a fabulous lengthening, lifting and curling effect, gently and slowly rotate the mascara wand towards your face as you move the brush along the lengths of your lashes. Treat your lashes as if they are super-long when you apply your mascara (even if they aren’t!) to ensure you reach right to the tips of your lashes, maximising their length. Don’t forget the smaller lashes towards the inner corners of your eyes, for super-fluttery lashes.

    After you’re applied one coat to your top lashes, apply a coat to your bottom lashes (holding the wand, either vertically or horizontally, whichever suits you best). Again, treat your lashes as if they are super-long, and don’t miss the tiny ones at the inner corners.

    This fabulous mascara resists smudging, but if you tend to smudge when you apply mascara to your bottom lashes, place a tissue underneath them as you apply your mascara.

    One coat of 1930’s Mascara gives a gorgeous defined look, but for greater impact lashes, apply as many coats as you like, as this formula is fabulously clump-resistant!

    For beautifully curled lashes, without the use of eyelash curlers, place your an index finger at the inside base of your still slightly wet lashes (on your lashes not your lid), and blink down onto your finger for around ten to fifteen seconds, gently pressing your fingers up against your lashes. If you have long lashes, move your fingers further towards the tips of your lashes after this, to curl the very ends of your lashes. You can either do this one eye at a time, or use your right index finger for your right lashes, and your left for you left lashes simultaneously.

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    • Manufactured by: Bésame

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