Gorgeous delicate white snowflakes

Benefits and Tips

  • Salon-quality detail, design and durability
  • No adhesive, or water needed
  • Opaque and super-thin
  • Suitable for natural or gel nails
  • Variety of stunning designs

  • Application:

    Apply two thin coats of polish to your nails and wait until touch-dry. Don’t use a quick dry product on top of your polish, as this can prevent the Nail Art designs from sticking.

    Select your chosen design and apply to a touch-dry nail, then transfer the design to the nail by rubbing gently over the back of the transparent sheet with an orange stick (or a finger nail if you’re careful), avoiding the cuticle. Make sure you keep the backing paper on the back of the sheet to protect the designs you aren’t using. Remove the design sheet making sure that all edges have adhered. Gently press down any raised edges. If any part of the design extends past the edge of the nail, simply use a fine file or buffer at a 45 degree angle to remove the excess.

    When applied to fresh polish the designs become part of the polish layer, but a top coat is essential for durability. Apply one coat of top coat thinly in three strokes, then when dry add another slightly thicker layer.

    Applying an additional coat of top coat every two days can give up to two weeks wear on natural nails, and even longer on gel nails.

    Use a clear gel overlay when using the designs over an acrylic or gel application to seal the design.

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