The Big, Fat, Firm, Foundation Brush: Big Beau Edition


The ideal foundation brush enables the creation of the perfect base, that canvas of flawless skin, that looks like your skin, only in that parallel world where you have gorgeous skin every day!
Please allow us to introduce you to The Big, Fat, Firm, Foundation Brush (you are allowed a smile!), the first brush we are proud to give our name to.

The CocoBeau PRO: Big, Fat, Firm, Foundation Brush makes no apologies for being an item of quality and luxury, but the kind of luxury you can use every day. The level of craftsmanship and supreme performance of this brush sets it in a class apart. It feels luxurious in your hand and on your skin, as it effortlessly follows your facial contours with precision and a kiss of silk-like softness.

Not only has this brush been developed to exceed your expectations, but also to withstand the rigorous daily use of a professional tool. The brush is traditionally hand-crafted, and simply but elegantly styled. The beautifully soft, perfectly shaped, and finest quality synthetic hairs are firmly held by a solid brass chrome-plated ferrule, which sits on a fabulously functional matte black handle, bearing the ‘Coco Beau PRO’ logo.

This gorgeous professional quality brush, sits beautifully in your hand, giving you perfect control. It has a fabulously functional big, fat, firm brush head, which feels silky soft on your skin. The first thing that you will strike you about this brush is its generous size. The brush measures 150 mm (5.9") in total length, with the brush head 35 mm (1.4") long, 33 mm (1.3") wide, and 15 mm (0.6") thick at its widest point. This is approximately twice as thick as the average foundation brush.

Perfect for applying liquid and cream foundation, its generous size and softly curved shape enable you to cover all areas of your face easily, flawlessly and very quickly. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Precision-made from perfectly blended fibres, which pick up the ideal amount of foundation without absorbing it, making your products last longer and brush-cleaning easier.

The CocoBeau Pro: Big Fat, Firm, Foundation Brush; we believe once you've tried it, you'll never go back!

Benefits and Tips

  • Applies liquid and cream foundation flawlessly
  • Silky soft but firm
  • Generously sized for fast but thorough coverage
  • Fantastically functional handle
  • Professional quality, durable and easy to clean
  • Blends without absorbing product
  • Precision-made with perfected blended synthetic fibres

  • Application:

    Put a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand, then load your brush by stroking it through. Apply foundation in small/medium strokes, starting with your cheeks, chin and forehead, working your foundation out from these areas, to ensure that you don’t overload areas you may want a lighter coverage, such as your nose. For extra coverage on areas that need it, stroke your brush through the foundation on the back of your hand, and apply in a dabbing/stippling motion, before using light and small strokes to finish.

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