CocoBeau Points

We believe in sharing with our lovely customers, and CocoBeau Points are our way of giving something back to you. They’re a kind of Coco Beau-nus! Every time you make a purchase at Coco Beau, you will receive CocoBeau Points, which you can spend on your next order, or save up for later. Look out also for bonus CocoBeau Points offers on selected items (bonus CocoBeau Points will be added to your account between the time of purchase and the time your order is being processed).

We like to keep things simple, so there’s no juggling around trying to convert your points to their value in money. CocoBeau Points are straightforward and displayed in ‘real money’ value. You don’t have to save them up either, or wait until you have enough to buy an item outright with points. Any points you have can be taken off your order total.

 How They Work

Your CocoBeau Points total balance is shown in the top left corner of the screen when you are logged in. Coco Points are awarded as soon as any order is complete.

When you place your order, you’ll see an option saying: “Do you want to redeem your CocoBeau Points?” If you select this, the value of your points is deducted from the total value of your order at the checkout.

CocoBeau Points are awarded on every purchase you make, so why not start saving today?

CocoBeau Points are awarded at a rate of 1 % of the total value (before VAT) of your order (fractions of 1p are rounded down). Coco Beau reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions relating to the CocoBeau Points scheme at any time, including termination of the scheme.

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