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The Embryolisse story began in 1950, when a dermatologist who specialised in skin pathologies, was working at a Paris Hospital. He created the now legendary Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré, which developed a reputation as an amazingly effective skin moisturising and soothing cream, and has sold in its millions world-wide.

Over the years Laboratoires Embryolisse have gone on to develop a whole range of wonderful face and body products based on the same dermo-cosmetic expertise, and the principles of providing essential ingredients, in effective and skin-sensitive formulas, to give beautiful healthy skin.

Loved across the generations, recommended by dermatologists, and a favourite of pro make-up artists, Embryolisse products produce reliably fantastic results, which isn’t surprising as they are developed by true skin experts! Although we are fans of Embryolisse products full stop, here are some of our favourites:

Lait Crème Concentré: 24 Hour Miracle Cream: Like many many others, we adore this multi-tasking wonder cream. We love its moisturising and soothing properties, the fact that our skin feels like silk after application, and the amazing base it provides for make-up. It also makes a fabulous cleanser, and is great for a post-shaving soothing skin boost. When you’re going away for the weekend, Lait Crème Concentré saves you space and weight in your bag, as it does the job of a handful of products!

Lait-Crème Riche Corps: Rich Body Moisturising Lotion: After using this richly moisturising, soothing and repairing body cream/lotion, skin feels toned and beautifully smooth. With the usual menu of fabulous skin boosting and natural ingredients you’ll find across the range, this rich cream gives you touchably gorgeous and comfortable skin.

Crème Nutritive Douceur Mains: Nourishing Hand Cream: This intensely moisturising and repairing hand cream smoothes, plumps and soothes even the driest of hands with natural shea butter, wheatgerm oil, allantoin and emollient oils. The generously sized and practical tube, means you can treat your skin whenever you like.

Embryolisse products are thoughtfully created products that give impressive results. Simply and practically packaged, we turn to Embryolisse time and again for products that bring out the beauty of our skin.

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