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The Brand: The FACE atelier range is the creation of Debbie Bondar, who developed the range based on her commitment to the premise that women of all ages can be their most beautiful by embracing their reality rather than trying to defy it. The FACE atelier woman, wants to look and feel her best, no matter what the day brings, and knows that make-up is one of the tools she has to do this.

FACE atelier products are sophisticated and versatile, with a high performance, which enhances your natural beauty.

The Ingredients: FACE atelier recognises that in order to preserve cosmetics, some chemical additives and preservatives are required. However, they only use essential ingredients that have a specific purpose, without which the quality of the makeup would be compromised. There are no added fragrances or flavours.

FACE atelier products do not contain SPF factors. There are a multitude of active ingredients that provide SPF protection, but a lot of them don't agree with senstive skin. FACE atelier strives to preserve the integrity of their products, and chooses not to use sunscreens in them. They advise instead that you choose your own sunscreen products, which agree with your skin.

The company is against animal testing, and FACE atelier has received official approval of its animal testing policies from PETA and is listed on its Caring Consumer website. In adherence to PETA principles, FACE atelier products have not been tested on animals. They do not buy ingredients from vendors who test on animals, nor do their vendors buy from manufacturers who test on animals.

Versatile products that work simply and simply work: FACE atelier believes that the customer should be in control. That's why they created their Ultra Foundation Shade Adjusters: Zero Plus, Zero Minus and Heat, which allow you to easily adjust your foundation shade.

FACE atelier recognises that women want products that work simply, helping them to create the perfect face, even if they only have five minutes! The packaging is stylish but functional, and the products give both performance and value.

We love FACE atelier for the simplicity and functionality of the products. Here are some of the products we adore.

Ultra Foundation: The reputation of this product precedes it. It is quite simply a great foundation! It applies beautifully, gives a fabulous glowy finish and wears incredibly. Remember that a little goes a long way! Its silicone-based formula is oil-free but hydrating, and non-comedogenic. The top-secret formula of this clever foundation gives an optical blurring effect, which helps smooth away lines and imperfections, is breathable and light. No wonder it's loved by make-up artists and celebrities alike!

Ultra Foundation Shade Adjusters: How did we ever live without these little pots of cosmetic genius?

If you can never find the right shade for you, FACE atelier allows you to infinitely adjust your foundation shade. Add a drop of Zero Plus to go a shade darker, or a splash of Zero Minus to lighten, and Heat adds warmth, creating the shade that’s exactly right for you. Not only that but Zero Minus gives a great 'lit from within' look when applied lightly before foundation. Zero Plus means you no longer have to use a different foundation shade for your Summer skin tone, and is also fantastic used to contour, and Heat adds a gorgeous warmth to shades and is an amazing blush for darker skin tones.

Ultra Sheer Pro: We love Ultra Sheer Pro as it highlights, hydrates and illuminates and has a whisper-light oil-free formula. With the same silicone-base as Ultra Foundation, it perfoms superbly. Add it to Ultra Foundation to subtly alter its hue, or use it over Ultra Foundation to highlight. Applied over your moisturiser it gives a diaphanous finish that floats on your skin as it illuminates.

Ultra Loose Powder: FACE atelier’s fabulously light Ultra Loose Powder is a micronised, double-sifted powder that disappears upon application, sets your make-up, and works all day long to reduce shine and minimise pores.

We particularly love the shade Medium, which not only performs the functions of a loose powder for those with Medium to richer skin tones, but also works as a beautiful sheer matt bronzer for lighter skin tones, when applied with a powder brush or can be used to contour your face.

For us FACE atelier, is quite simply a sophisticated, versatile, and high-performing range of products, which work to enhance your own beauty.

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