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Beauté Cosmetics are the creation of Canadian makeup artist extra-ordinaire: Beau Nelson. Beau’s experience on counters, at shows and shoots, the highest end agencies and with acclaimed retailers and clients, familiar with the cutting edge, equipped him to develop the range item by item. Glamour, beautiful presentation and quality define the brand.

We at Coco Beau love the Beauté range because of the beautiful but also extremely wearable shades (from subtle to dramatic), the textures (unlike any other we have ever tried) and exquisite finishes. These products look, feel and perform in ways that still take our breath away, and the simple but very sleekly styled packaging reinforces the quality the range exudes.

Stand out features are the ways in which these products adapt, and their versatility. Here are a few of our favourite Beauté product tricks and treats:

Weightless Lip Crèmes: These beautiful Lip Crèmes can be worn dabbed and smudged onto the lips for a delicate but definitely present kiss of colour, or applied from the applicator in a layer for depth and colour that still feels lighter than air on your lips. You might think these are like other products you’ve seen or tried, but we think they are quite unique. To wear them is to believe!

Try layering them under Luminous Volume Glosses or over Liqui-Gel Stains, or even dotting them on your cheeks and smudging them in, for a whisper of blush, with a very slight sheen.

Liqui-Gel Stains: These lightly textured but never runny stains can be used in a dab, then smudged on the cheeks or lips, or applied in a thicker layer on the lips before Luminous Volume Gloss or Weightless Lip Crème (or even after gloss), for an effect that ranges from ‘natural but better,’ through a desirable ‘pleasure’ flush or pout, to richly pigmented but completely non-transferrable. They are always super-long-wearing but non-drying. We also love the range of colours (flush doesn’t just come in one shade!) from girly to sexy, vampy to funky!

Luminous Volume Glosses: These super-moisturising lightly textured glosses, come in a wonderful range of shades: nudes, pinks through tawny plums to red, each giving the appearance of natural volume without that nasty taste and sting that some products bring. The effects range from subtly glowing to delicately shimmering or sparkling (but never in a gaudy glittery way). Again we love the versatility of these glosses. You can wear them on their own, or over Weightless Lip Crèmes or Liqui-Gel Stains (or even under Liqui-Gel Stains.

As well as being sold separately, Beauté products are available in some fantastic gift sets. Beautifully boxed and ‘ribboned’ in classic black, each set contains products which perform well separately or together.

We love Beauté and think you will too.

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