Statement Bracelets

Coco Beau's Thoughts...

Quite literally these bracelets are 'Coco Beau's thoughts! Well they convey thoughts shared by many people the world over, statements we make about life, and how we live it! We've all heard of 'statement jewellery,' but this is statement jewellery with a difference. These bracelets don't shout, but they certainly say something.

At Coco Beau we like to think that we are not just people interested in beauty, but also people with something to say, and we imagine that you are just the same, someone who isn't just interested in what's on the outside.

Like anything that we bring to our online boutique, we knew that when we added jewellery it had to be something that we loved. We instantly fell in love with these pretty and unusual, simply styled bracelets, and we love them all the more because of what they say.

We love the idea of putting a little bit of what is usually in our heads on our wrists. When you wear a statement bracelet, you never know what conversations it might start!

Choose one that best sums up you or the person you're buying for, or choose one for different moods!

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