CocoBeau PRO

Coco Beau's Thoughts...

Without good tools, even the most proficient make-up artists can struggle, so what hope do the rest of us have? With them, creating beautiful looks is easier, quicker, and more fun.

Many of us have been in search of the perfect brush, hoping to find one that was ideally shaped for the job, felt soft on the skin but firm enough to hold its shape, and that performed beautifully, that felt just right in your hand, that picked up neither too much, nor too little product, giving a professional finish, a brush that didn't shed, didn't leak dye, and whose quality endured despite daily use and regular cleaning. Have you ever found that brush? Well, we have, and now you have too!

Our first brush, the CocoBeau PRO: Big, Fat, Firm, Foundation Brush, may have a name that makes you smile, but behind the name it is a seriously fabulous brush. We knew exactly what we wanted from our first brush: a luxury feel and elegant but truly functional style, supreme quality and performance, and the kind of attention to detail that only comes from traditional hand craftsmanship.

The result is a brush that is a class apart. It has that ‘perfectly right’ feel in your hand, and glides across your facial contours effortlessly and with a silky-soft kiss, giving a beautiful finish in no time. If that weren’t enough, this gorgeous brush easily withstands the rigours of daily professional use.

In short: we LOVE this brush, and we feel sure you will too.

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